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May 17, 2014  •  2 Comments

Photos from the Police Unity Tour are now online.  The positive comments and reviews have been very much appreciated.  There are some really fantastic shots from along the route, on breaks, and at the memorial.  Now you can order prints online and have them delivered directly to you!  As the guy on TV always says, "Here's how to order.":

You see the photos in the gallery view like below, and there is a photo that you would like a print of.  Click on that photo and a new view will appear with that photo displayed.  For this example I clicked on the one with the big open field, mountains in the background, and lots of bikes

Pick a size from the list on the right, or hover your mouse over the photo and a menu will display on the upper left.  Also note that there are two other  "buy" buttons not circled- one over the middle of the photo and one with a picture of a shopping cart in the upper right.  Any of these will head you toward getting prints.  You may repeat this process for any number of photos you would like, and you can select different print sizes or other items if you prefer.

A way to quickly select multiple photos is to use the "Add To Favorites" button.  You may select all your photos into a favorites group, then choose print options.  Look for the favorites button on the screen in the locations circled below.

You will see your favorites group in the upper left of the screen.  You can use the favorites feature in multiple galleries and they will all be combined into one list for you.  Click on the list name, usually titled "My Selection" and your photos will be displayed.  You can purchase the same size photo for all, or make individual print selections for each photo.

Once you get the photos in your cart you can edit your selections- change size, crop, and even select black and white printing.  The prints are processed by a professional photo lab and are very high quality.  Shipping is quick and direct to the address you specify. If you have any questions or need help, send me an email- jim@jimprophoto.com 

There are many photos to choose from, I did my best to try and capture as many important moments as I could, and also to get as many individuals in photos.  So be sure to go through all the galleries and find the ones you like!


Jim Craige Photography
Hello Citizen,

Thank you for your comments! There are so many aspects of the ride to capture, and you have highlighted one that is important. Scenes such as this one: http://www.jimprophoto.com/p686749518/h3aa85d95#h39e9c346 really do show how the team pulls together and helps each other through the difficult stretches. I saw some others from behind on an earlier hill. http://www.jimprophoto.com/p686749518/h1950c470#h1950c470
Some of the locations I used were flat or downhill, which did not afford me an opportunity to photograph the moments you have described. I noticed that many riders waved when they saw me as they passed by, and I hope that some of the riders in the rear started pushing a little more as they approached me so that they could look strong for the photo. I tried to photograph everyone through the line, and next year I will be on the lookout for more opportunities, such as your suggestion, to tell the story of the ride.
I think the most interesting and amazing part of the ride is what goes on at the back of the pack when they hit challenging hills. There are officers who ride back there to work as "pushers". They support the more challenged riders by giving them some of their strength. Seeing them doing double duty, with the lone goal of helping others, is a true inspiration.

It would have been wonderful to see more photos recognizing that aspect as it represents a strong part of the Unity of the ride.
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