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The Tricon gathering was great fun- I brought my camera out and captured some of the costumes and personalities of the evening. There were many versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, and other great heros. For the record, I was the "Red Lantern"! Photos from October 1, 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina- San Diego, California.
2014 Tricon Hero-1012014 Tricon Hero-1032014 Tricon Hero-1042014 Tricon Hero-1052014 Tricon Hero-1062014 Tricon Hero-1092014 Tricon Hero-1102014 Tricon Hero-1112014 Tricon Hero-1122014 Tricon Hero-1132014 Tricon Hero-1142014 Tricon Hero-1152014 Tricon Hero-1162014 Tricon Hero-1172014 Tricon Hero-1182014 Tricon Hero-1192014 Tricon Hero-1202014 Tricon Hero-1212014 Tricon Hero-1222014 Tricon Hero-123