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The Alexandria Police Memorial dedication ceremony was held on March 28, 2015. The memorial now stands as a tribute to the fallen officers of Alexandria and a reminder of the sacrifices made in the protection of citizens. A few photos now, more will be added to the gallery in the coming days.
2015  APD Memorial-1082015  APD Memorial-1122015  APD Memorial-5062015  APD Memorial-1132015  APD Memorial-1292015  APD Memorial-1362015  APD Memorial-1382015  APD Memorial-1412015  APD Memorial-1482015  APD Memorial-1502015  APD Memorial-1572015  APD Memorial-1592015  APD Memorial-1642015  APD Memorial-1672015  APD Memorial-5272015  APD Memorial-1722015  APD Memorial-5352015  APD Memorial-1812015  APD Memorial-1822015  APD Memorial-501